Welcome to the Bowen Method Center website. Our Center is one of the largest and most successful Bowen treatment and training centers in California. We think you will find our center to be a place that you can feel comfortable and confident that you will get the care you need and relief you are seeking.

We take a medical approach to the Bowen Method, just as Mr. Bowen did. We are continually taking continuing education classes that reflect this approach and as such we are one of the few Bowen Centers that can take personal injury insurance.

We have a vast amount of experience in the Bowen Method. Treating just about every condition within the scope of bodywork you might imagine. We have worked with infants just a few days old to senior citizens in their late 90's. We have a very high success rate and we are always honest and up front with giving you our opinion on your condition and whether or not we believe we can help you.

We are one of the few training centers that teach Bowen in a medically based format that provides a comprehensive program that includes training in anatomy and kinesiology as well as the understanding of what the procedures are affecting and accomplishing in the systems of the body. To our knowledge, we are the only Bowen training organization that provides the training in our own center so the student can get accustom to the clinical setting from the onset of their training.

Whether you come to the Bowen Method Center for therapy or training, you can rest assured that you will get the very best that Bowen has to offer.