Former Students in Private Practice

The following is a list of some of the students of BMC that have completed all of the Basic and Advanced Training and are currently in private practice. This list is by no means complete and will grow as our website matures. This list is offered as a courtesy to our students who have completed our training, are fully licensed and have received certification or licensing from the state in which they reside and practice.

Christy Seesholtz, CMT
Fair Oaks, CA

Grace Ballesteros, CMT
Sacramento, CA
Phone: 916-568-0615

Sharon Noda, CMT
Sacramento, CA
Phone: 916-451-1952

Carmen Hernandez, CMT
Sacramento, CA
Phone: 916-395-1430

Kristian Nordby, CMT
Sacramento, CA
Phone: 916-266-3084

Barbara Nolan, CMT
Citrus Heights, CA
Phone: 916-726-0530

Ruth Pearce, CMT
Houston, TX
Phone: 832-483-0755

Ingrid Wallen, CMT
Davis, CA
Phone: 530-867-2816

Judy Williams, CMT
Auburn , CA
Phone: 530-320-0667

Jill Mandes, CMT
Fair Oaks, CA

Lawanna DeGraff, CMT
Boise, Idaho

Eloisa Ochoa, CMT
Sacramento, CA

Karen Kirby, MD
Santa Cruz, CA

Judy Terwilliger, RN
Carmichael, CA

Jackie Hilty, CMT
Roseville, CA