The Bowen Method Center was established in 1998 by Christine Jones and Steven Sanders. The office was originally located near the corner of Madison Avenue and San Juan. They quickly out grew the space and moved the Center down the street to its present location at 8080 Madison Avenue, just next to Fair Oaks Park.

Although Christine and Steve separately had successful Bowen practices, they both strongly felt that there was a lack of knowledge and professionalism in the field of Bowen Therapy. So, rather than just complain about their feelings, they got together and formed the Bowen Method Center. Their client base continued to grow as word spread of the success their clients gained with the Bowen Method.

In 1999 they began teaching the Bowen Method in a manner they felt more in keeping with Tom Bowen’s method of knowledge and understanding of the human body. They felt that if the Bowen Method was going to gain the creditability it deserved, they needed to start by getting students trained properly and out in the field practicing. After just a few classes, word traveled quickly of the high quality teaching provided. Classes grew to the point where a separate, larger classroom had to be obtained to accommodate the students. Luckily, an office suite just next door to the main office became vacant that was perfect for the classroom and it was opened in the spring of 2003.

The Bowen Method Center offers only treatments in the Bowen Method. All of the therapists are professionally trained at the Bowen Method Center insuring the client gets consistent, reliable therapy. Christine and Steve have successfully accomplished making the Bowen Method Center a professional office that is warm and inviting. Whether you come in for therapy or training, you will get the best that the Bowen Method Center has to offer.