Our Sessions

How long are the sessions?

A session at the Bowen Method Center is usually about an hour long. Sometimes we perform half hour sessions, but the shorter sessions are usually done on clients that have already had several sessions and only need a few moves to address a particular problem such as a neck, shoulder or back problem.

How Many Sessions do I need?

Three sessions are usually done seven days apart, or as close to seven days as possible. This is done to insure that the body is not overworked and has time to heal and adjust itself to the work done during the previous session. The work that is done in the office just initiates the healing process. Tight atrophied tissue cannot be released and healed in one hour.

It is our belief that after the tissue is released enough to restore blood flow, it usually takes approximately seven days for the healing process to take place. Then we perform another session and address any remaining issues you may have. After three sessions, there is usually significant improvement depending on the type and length of injury.

After the third session, we will usually make a recommendation, based on your improvement and your input, on how many weeks before you should return, if any further treatment is needed at all.

We usually recommend a monthly maintenance session. We have found that the clients who practice this have less illness and experience less serious injuries when their body is kept in balance with a monthly treatment.

What to Wear

We do not require you to disrobe for the session. Please wear soft, loose fitting clothing that would be easy to work through. Sweat pants or shorts and a T-shirt are good. If you are coming from work or cannot wear this type of clothing to the session, please bring a change of clothes and change in the treatment room.