Christine Jones


Christine is the co-owner and a state certified instructor at the Bowen Method Center as well as one of the therapists. Christine has an extensive background in helping others and has been a teacher in many different venues including health oriented weight loss and teaching children with disabilities. She has also received training in nutrition and hypnotherapy. Christine became a therapist in 1994 after receiving several Bowen treatments that gave her dramatic relief from chronic injuries due to a car accident. Her compassion for others and her talent with the Bowen Method has earned her an extremely large and devoted client base. Many of her clients call Christine their “Angel”, and they come from far and wide to receive her therapy. Christine’s passion and knowledge of Bowen, along with her compassion for others, makes her the main attraction at Bowen Method Center.

Steve Sanders


Steve is the co-owner of Bowen Method Center and an instructor in the classes and seminars as well as one of the therapists. Steve has an extensive medical background working in intensive care, pediatrics and neonates for five years as a respiratory therapist in various hospitals in California. Steve began his career in the Bowen Method in 1996 after a family member received dramatic relief from a chronic shoulder problem with Bowen. Intrigued with such dramatic results, Steve went for a treatment himself and was so impressed he immediately signed up for training. Since that time Steve has built an extensive client base and a very successful Bowen practice. Steve’s therapy and teaching reflects his medical background and he is very adamant about professionalism in Bowen. His passion for healing and helping others is the driving force behind Bowen Method Center.