How it works

The Bowen Method is a medically oriented modality that consists of a series of non-invasive moves performed at specific locations on the muscles of the body. These cross fiber moves allow the fascia of the muscle as well as the muscle fibers to relax, allowing the previously restricted blood flow to return to the tissue. The muscle itself returns to its normal state of tension and pressure is released from the body’s structure. This allows the return of normal structural alignment and releases pressure from nerves.

This method of body work is based on a technique developed by Thomas Ambrose Bowen, an Australian Osteopath. Mr. Bowen realized that when the structure of the body became misaligned, it is the muscles of the body pulling the structure out of alignment. He understood that it is the muscle that moves the bones, not the opposite. By releasing the tension in the muscles, the structure will often return to its normal position by itself with just a simple movement such as raising the legs while lying face up.

The Bowen Method is a unique and effective system of body balancing that can give lasting relief to conditions from back and leg pain to carpal tunnel syndrome and headaches. The results of Thomas Bowen’s work speak for themselves.