Bowen Therapy Testimonials

“I have been a patient of Christine’s for over nine years and you know how much I value your services and friendship. You have helped me tremendously with my sinus problems and the aches in my lower back from sitting on too many airplanes, and golfing. You are always there when I need you; even if I don’t have an appointment scheduled you always seem to fit me in. I really appreciate it. Your homeopathic and natural remedy knowledge is very helpful during our Bowen sessions. It has helped me become more aware of the natural alternatives to aid in healing my body. You know how much I believe in Bowen, but you make the treatments special. Maybe the greatest compliment I can give you is the fact that I feel comfortable sending friends and family to see you, knowing that you will give them the individual attention they need. ”

Steve Tomasini

“I wanted to write a short note of thanks for the great results that I’ve enjoyed via your Bowen Method Practice. Several injuries to my knee and neck areas earlier in life have evolved to provide me a significant amount of pain and discomfort in my middle years. Additionally, work related stress seems to exacerbate these issues as well. Prior to finding your Bowen Method Center I was relegated to a great deal of dependence on prescription and over the counter drugs for pain relief. These days my use of pain medication is the aberration rather than the norm. I just wanted to write and let you know how much your help has meant to me and my family. Thanks. ”

Shawn Sackman

“I look forward every week for my Bowen therapy performed by Steve Sanders. I have chronic asthma and I am under a lot of stress and the results I receive from the therapy helps with my breathing and keep my immune system up so I stay well. I also know that I grind my teeth which cause many of my headaches. Besides the treatments I receive from Steve, he also gives me aids on how I can help myself in relieving the pain in my head due to the clinching of my teeth. My being able to cope with everyday life has increased for the better by having Bowen Therapy and I would encourage anyone with any type of pain to give this therapy a try. You won’t regret it. ”

Cindy Roots

“My name is Grace Ballesteros and I have been a Bowen client since 1996. I had back fusion surgery at levels L-5/S1 in 1993. From 1993 to 1996 the pain in my low back increased to where my upper back was hurting me constantly. I could no longer walk up and down the stairs of the two level building where I worked. I could not wash dishes and I was in constant pain. My family life was badly affected and I became quiet and secluded. I could not understand why my left buttock and left leg would hurt so much. I had already seen a chiropractor, acupuncturist, massage and physical therapist without getting any long-term relief. It was a friend and co-worker who talked to me about Bowen, she tried and tried for a whole year, but because I had already tried everything else I was very skeptical about trying Bowen. It was when I found myself having to take the elevator at work and out of desperation when I finally called Christine and scheduled an appointment. It was Christine who told me my problem was my sciatic and she could help me. I was in so much pain during my first treatment that I was in tears. I was sore for three days, but to my surprise I began to feel better. I went back to my second and third appointments and was back to climbing stairs at work. Bowen has been a blessing to me; my life has changed in all areas thanks to Bowen Therapy and Christine Jones. I will continue to be a faithful client to Bowen for the rest of my life. ”

Grace Ballesteros

“The results from the Bowen Therapy I receive each week from Steve Sanders are astounding! I honestly can say that I never received such relief from regular massage therapists and past chiropractic adjustments. It’s amazing how Steve is able to get the blood flow into such tight muscles and knots throughout my body. I especially appreciate the help for muscles in my neck, arms and shoulders! Thanks to Bowen Therapy I am able to cope with the daily stress of my job. I can only say that one of the best investments I can make is to have a weekly Bowen treatment with Steve! ”

Gary Burgett

“I began coming to the Bowen Method Center two years ago with chronic back problems along with pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulders. Although my back pain is chronic, even after two surgeries, I always feel relief after my therapy. The therapists are very knowledgeable, personable and professional at the Bowen Method Center. Steve is my therapist and he always tells me what he is doing and why he is doing it during my therapy. This makes me feel much more comfortable and confident with the therapy. I also like that Christine is very knowledgeable in nutrition as well as Bowen Therapy. She always is able to answer my questions regarding vitamins and herbs. This saves me time and money because I don’t have to drive to the health food store and try to find the answers to my questions. The office and treatment rooms at the Bowen Method Center are always clean, quiet and comfortable. I always feel comfortable and confident that I am in a professional office when I come in for my therapy. Most of my pain is gone because I am going to the Bowen Method Center. Although I know that all of my back pain will not go away due to my condition, it is very comforting to know that I have a way to dramatically reduce and manage the pain that really works. I truly believe in Bowen Method Therapy because it has worked for me and I would recommend it to anyone who needs pain relief. Thank you Steve and Christine! ”

Sandy Scoville

“As a long time client (going on 5 years) I would like you to know how much you have improved my general overall health. As you know I suffered with arthritis for years, even to the point of daily medication. Since I started the Bowen treatment I no longer have any arthritic problems and have not taken any medication in years... It also helps my lower back pain...As a senior citizen (in my golden years) I am proud to state I do not take any medication, walk 2 miles daily and in part feel this good health is a result of the Bowen treatment.. thanks for being there, I look forward to many more years of our association.”

Ginny North

“I suffered from lower back pain for 20 years. A friend “firmly” suggested Bowen. I went to the sessions and my back pain subsided completely. I was so intrigued I asked about classes and was referred to Christine and Steve. After the first class I was hooked! I still get regular Bowen treatments and have started a practice of my own. Lucky me! ”

Sue Vacher

“I asked a Bowen therapist from out of town who his protégé was in Sacramento, because I wanted to be treated locally. Christine Jones was the person to whom I was referred. What a fortunate person I was that day several years ago. Over many years previously I had gone to fine physical therapists, but none of them had been able to put my left hip into place and have it last for more than a few days. After Christine’s first treatment I could feel the hip working its way into place over a four day period and it has ever gone out of place since! Bowen therapy has helped my whole body become stronger so that I bounce back from other back and leg problems quickly. My three daughters also come for Bowen and are as pleased as I am! ”

Maureen H. Camperi