Career Training Testimonials

“My name is Christy Seesholtz and I have been a therapist at the Bowen Method Center (BMC) for over 2 years. I became certified at the Massage Therapy Institute of Davis. I decided to specialize in the Bowen techniques because it provided loved ones with results that conventional methods did not. I received my education in Bowen therapy in classes taught by Christine Jones and Steve Saunders at the BMC. I am proud to be a therapist and a former student of this establishment.”

Christy Seesholtz

“After practicing as a massage therapist for 10 years, I was fortunate enough to stumble in to the “Bowen Method Center.” I needed more effective ways to work with injuries and chronic pain. The six-month format was appealing to me because I knew I would learn and retain the procedures taught. I knew after learning the “Basic” moves that I would take the advanced course. The “Bowen Method,” as taught by Steve Saunders and Christine Jones is taking my work to places I wanted to go but couldn’t get there using any other method.”

Jill Mandes

“So many years of back pain; I am so amazed with Bowen therapy. I never thought there would be anything out there to help my mother with her back. At first I didn’t want to take Bowen, but I realized how much it can help people in so many ways, so now I plan to do this for a living. I am currently taking the class because I want to help others, but most importantly I want to help my mother. I think it is the best way to help any kind of pain. I want to thank you Steve and Christine.”

Cynthia Ballesteros

“What did Bowen do for me? It has helped to make me feel physically better. I used to have tremendous back pain but going to the Bowen Method Center has helped that. When I was thinking of changing careers I chose the Bowen Method Center so I could help others as I was helped. Steve and Christine are wonderful teachers. They give you the time you need and the confidence to take on the challenge. The anatomy alone can be overwhelming, but they make it fun. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to help people.”

Jackie Hilty

“I’ve been a bodywork practitioner for 15 years now. I have studied many forms of massage and found some very effective. In general massage takes a toll on the practitioner. I found Bowen to be very effective in many aspects plus much easier to perform. I feel fortunate to be now practicing Bowen.”

Richardo Echevarria

“Since I’ve been learning Bowen Therapy, I’ve learned so much about how tight muscles affect our body’s and create pain. It feels good to be able to help people with sciatic problems that thought there was nothing that could be done. I love being able to straighten out a tilted pelvis which we see a lot of. It’s interesting how the leg length inequality is fixed with just a few moves. I’m grateful for the Bowen Method and our instructors. I would recommend it to everyone!”

Sandra Trujillo

“I have been a client of Christine Jones for about eight years. About two years ago my back locked up so badly I could not walk without assistance. I came in for a treatment and was able to walk on my own. It took a few days until I was back to normal. But without it would have been weeks. I was sold on Bowen from that point on. I was in so much pain with my back and to have instant relief was wonderful. I am now enrolled at the Bowen Method Center and am very impressed with the amount of knowledge one must have to perform Bowen. I can’t wait to graduate and earn a living helping people feel better. Thank you!”

Julie Knight

“As a physician, I have been extremely impressed with the comprehensive anatomy instruction and overall technique taught in this Bowen class. I have learned more anatomy and functional physiology of muscles than I learned in medical school 15 years ago. As a psychiatrist I understand the importance of the mind/body connection which is my motivation for taking this class. I believe that Christine and Steve have worked hard to bring the Bowen Method into the world and I hope to help them achieve this goal. Because of my background, I believe that the Bowen Method, as taught by Christine and Steve, is and should be its own unique practice. It is so comprehensive, effective and makes sense, period.

I have been working hard to explain it to my MD friends as I slowly but surely network. I am even thinking of research ideas which would be relatively simple to do in order to help publish papers in journals to get the work out that the Bowen Method is the cutting edge.”

Dr. Karen Kirby, M.D.

“Steve and Christine take time to teach in-depth anatomy. They stress the importance of understanding how the muscles and nerves work in the overall function of the human body. This knowledge is invaluable when helping people with pain.

I believe Bowen Therapy is by far the most effective therapy in treating pain. Steve & Christine’s students are well educated on all aspects of this wonderful therapy. I highly recommend the class!”

Rachel Snyder

“This Bowen class has made me feel like I actually know what I am doing. Studying so much depth in anatomy as well as the procedures in the Bowen Therapy Method has made me feel that I am capable of helping all sorts of people. Seeing myself help others and learning about the body so professionally has made me more comfortable with myself not only with Bowen, but also in school and other areas in my life. It is truly enriching.”

Lydia Almanza

“I had an automobile accident about 15 years ago. For 10 years I was in chronic pain which impacted my daily living activities. I could barely make it through cooking dinner and then I was on the couch the rest of the evening. I tried various forms of exercise but everything aggravated my condition, even yoga. The doctors told me that I would have to live like that for the rest of my life and prescribed me pain killers and anti-inflammatory. However, I could not handle the drugs so I suffered until I found Bowen Therapy. Within a few months I was pain free. I continued a regular program for about six months, and then went on a maintenance program. Although I am no longer in chronic pain, I continue with my sessions because I know it is so healthy in other ways.

I was so impressed at the results that I decided to become a Bowen Therapist. I recently went through the advanced class which helped me gain a better understanding of why this method works so well and helped to improve my skills as a therapist. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this class also helped me to increase my clientele as they could see the difference in my skill level after having taken the advanced class. Steve and Christine are wonderful teachers who are not only knowledgeable and very thorough on the subject, but they provide a caring atmosphere in which to learn. What they are imparting in their classes is very important information.”

Carmen Hernandez

“Regarding Bowen, 'The Therapy': As a Registered Nurse, steeped in the standards taught and practiced in medicine, I was a very 'hard sell'. Bowen was a fringe (or so I believed) form of expression left over from some 60’s mentality in my view. Certainly it could not be a valid form of treating Myofascial pain or any related disease process. I couldn’t have been more wrong. After being driven to the point of tears one day eight years ago by a nagging pain in my left hip after stepping off a curb, I turned in desperation to what I now call a 'Life restoring treatment.' In a matter of minutes with only a few simple moves six weeks of pain disappeared. The follow up was minimal and the cost was so-o-o worth the gift of relief I received. Now eight years later and many experiences with this miraculous modality behind me, I am pleased to be on the giving end of the treatments! It is wonderful to be able to use those years of technical skills together with the extensive anatomy and physiology review I have received at the Bowen Method Center. Learning in an atmosphere of professionalism, I have successfully helped many others to see the life restoring benefits of this neuromuscular modality. As I continue to study the many benefits of what I have learned as I apply it to my own practice, I trust others who are skeptics will see themselves where I was and step outside of that box to experience the joy of lives restored. At the Bowen Method Center under the instruction of Christine Jones and Steve Sanders I have been both challenged and encouraged to a more full potential as I seek to place Bowen Therapy at the top of my professional ladder.”

Judy Terwilliger, R.N. (1979)

“I was introduced to the Bowen Method when my mom started going to sessions which helped her with the pain she had from a car accident. My mom and I signed up to learn the Bowen Technique so she could open up a private practice. Besides getting school credit for science and helping my mom with her pain management, I could also consider working with her. Over the course of the first few classes, I realized just how much Bowen Therapy was different from the other forms of treatments for pain that are out there including massage. As a student, I was unusually hesitant about touching other people. After a few of these classes, however, I felt more self confident. Soon I found it much easier to work on and around people without being so nervous. It is very rewarding to be able to help people feel better. From these classes I have learned much in regards to both anatomy, physiology and the body’s specific reactions to many stressors and illnesses. Classes made sense to me as I learned the connection between the body and what it takes to keep it in balance. Weekly, my teachers, Steve and Christine, taught the material and concepts thoroughly. In each class they demonstrated the specific moves with great accuracy. Learning has been both challenging and fun. The Bowen Method is one of the most interesting and rewarding things I have ever studied. I hope to use what I know to help many people for years to come.”

Bethany Terwilliger