What conditions and ailments can the Bowen Method be used for?

The Bowen Method can give lasting relief for a variety of injuries and ailments including:

  1. Back, leg and knee.
  2. Foot and ankle problems such as plantar faciitis (heel spur), neuromas, ankle sprains and ankle pain.
  3. Upper back and shoulder problems.
  4. Neck problems
  5. TMJ and bruxism
  6. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and repetitive stress disorders - Tennis elbow and golfers elbow
  7. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  8. Headaches including migraines
  9. Asthma and hay fever symptoms
  10. Lymphatic system disorders
  11. Menstrual cramps
  12. IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) GERD(gastro-intestinal reflux disease)
  13. Stress relief and stress related musculoskeletal problems
What age group can safely use the Bowen Method?

We have successfully performed the Bowen Method on infants just a few days old to those 95 years young and every age in between. Some adjustments may need to be applied when working with fragile clients, however, the Bowen Method can be safely applied to any age, even if the client is bed-ridden or in a wheel chair.

How does the Bowen Method differ from massage?

With the Bowen Method no oils or lubricants are used during the treatment and no disrobing is required. Most massage techniques are applied to the muscle with the strokes going with the fibers of the muscle. Also, usually with massage, groups of muscle are rubbed at once. The Bowen Method is applied to specific points in the muscle where tension tends to accumulate. These moves are applied across the fiber of the muscle rather than with the fiber. This allows the fascia of the muscle to be released, restoring blood flow and allowing the muscle to return to its normal state of tension. These moves only need to be applied one or two times to sufficiently release accumulated tension. This greatly reduces damage to the muscle caused by creating micro-tears in the muscle from over working tight muscle tissue.

How does the Bowen Method differ from chiropractic?

Chiropractic basically believes that most of the body’s problems stem from the spine being out of alignment. With the Bowen Method, we believe that the reason the spine becomes out of alignment is due to tight muscles pulling on their spinal attachments, causing the misalignment. This is why chiropractic adjustments sometimes do not hold. Until the tension in the muscle pulling on the bone gets released, it will continue to cause the misalignment. The Bowen Method accomplishes this more effectively than any other modality. Chiropractic and the Bowen Method together can give fantastic, lasting results. This is why we are always looking for open minded chiropractors to work with.

How is the Bowen Method different from the other Bowen techniques?

The Bowen Method is a medically oriented modality based on Tom Bowens work. This therapy is based on anatomy, kinesiology (muscle movement), and postural adaptation (how the muscles of the body will adapt to abnormal postures to balance the body’s weight). Tom Bowen did not practice metaphysical or energy work. Although he had a keen sense of intuition, his treatment was always based on his knowledge of the human body. This combination of knowledge and intuition, in our opinion, is what made Tom Bowen a great healer.

Although we sometimes get dramatic results, we do not claim any “magic” results or instant cures. The Bowen Method is a very effective, common sense modality based on practical medical knowledge. This is how Mr. Bowen practiced his craft and we believe it should be practiced as the originator of the method practiced it.